Some of the answers to this question could be a clue to the genesis of my unproductive habits.

  • Be sick. Mom feels sorry for me and brings me tea with honey and lemon. I get to stay in bed.
  • Ask lots of questions. Dad feels important when he can explain things. He also feels proud that he has a smart kid.
  • Be sad. Get sympathy from mom.
  • Leave stuff around. Mom will pick it up.
  • Stories. Was so nice to be read to. (Positive)
  • Singing. Loved it when Mom sang to us. (Positive)

Just read this book…and it is a book length koan.

I think I need to read it again.

Also need to read Dogen.

Too tired to write much now. Maybe tomorrow.

Fog. Still air. A dog barks. I breathe.

Time to go out to my meditation cottage.

Enjoying our natural air conditioning – morning fog.

It’s been a busy time in the garden – not only pulling out the tired leggy winter veggies that are going to seed (but keeping one of each for the seeds), but putting in new plants.

We also have started an experimental bed. Got the idea from Green String Farm. My friend and husband, Paul, dug a two foot deep trench that is about 12 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, and filled the bottom with raw compost and (finished) manure, and the top with soil and finished compost. Now we are planting corn, melons, squash, and beans. We are hoping that the heat generated by the lower layer will make it possible to get some melons!

We have one more raised bed to install (buying from neighbor), and then the pond. I have heard frogs in the neighborhood, so I hope some will come and live here!

…but no, the clock ticks, the computer makes its little sounds, a car goes by, bird sounds…

First time on the iPhone. Paul and i are at Leah’s. It’s Christmas afternoon. Andrew has taken out his clarinet, which was recently repaired. I’ll try making some audio or video.

Finally got the clothesline put up!

I can’t believe how many ways there are to put up a pulley-type clothesline WRONG.  First, I put the tensioner at the wrong end – put it on the wrong way so that it was easy to slip off, hard to tighten.

Then I put the spreader on the wrong way – in the wrong place on the line – so that the tensioner was in the way, and there was no way to move the rope to hang up clothes.  Then, I put it back on, only to realize that it was not doing anything useful.  Realized that it is misnamed – it is not a “spreader;” it is to keep the lines from getting too far apart! – and it might not be necessary at all, since the line is high above the yard and not likely to sag to the extent that the clothes would be near the ground.

This has been much more of a learning experience that I dreamed – but now we have sun-dried clothes.  In this weather (warm, dry, sunny, breezy), it’s faster than the clothes dryer.


It’s funny, but the perception of lack comes from an overcrowded mind.  It’s overcrowded with projects undone, needs unmet, expectations unfulfilled.  The perception of bounty comes from a mind that is empty of expectations, needs, projects.

The white curtains are blowing in.  Behind them, the leaves of the fig tree, shadow dark and sunlit translucent green shake in the breeze. The wind chimes speak their plangent chimes.

It’s the kind of day I might ignore. Writing here helps me to pay attention.